Sep 6, 2008

Boo Beverage

I LOVE Halloween. The cool air, the costumes, but mostly ALL THE GOODIES :) This is a really yummy drink, that is kid friendly but also satisfies adult taste buds. What a perfect concoction for a Halloween party! Don't forget to let the kiddos help with this one!

2 c. o.j.

2 c. milk

2 pints orange sherbet

4 medium ripe bananas

Halloween ghost peeps/canned whipping cream & Halloween sprinkles

In 4 batches, process o.j., milk, sherbet & bananas until smooth. Pour into glasses and add you Halloween peeps or pile high the whipping cream and throw a few sprinkles on top. Delicious!

*I came up with the whipping cream instead of using the peeps, namely because I don't like peeps :) Plus the whipping cream blends a little better with the already creamy consistency of the drink.

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