Jul 31, 2008

Mom's Spinach Dip

This spinach dip is so delicious, and really easy to make. My hubby's family is not into vegetables all that much, but I have made this a couple of times for family get together's, and everyone seems to like it. It's a must try, and is different that any other spinach dip recipe out there. My Mom is so creative :)

1 package of Knorr brand; LEEK soup mix
1 large container of sour cream (bigger than a 16 oz)
2 c. mayo
1/2 c. frozen spinach, thawed, and chopped
1 large can water chesnut's, chopped very fine
2 loves french bread, cut into bite size cubes

1-Pour your soup mix, into a freezer bag. Seal rightly. Take a rolling pin, and roll out the soup mix, crunching up all the hard pieces. This takes about 2 min. Set aside.
2-In a large tupper wear dish, combine sour cream, mayo, water chestnut's, and spinach. Stir well to coat.
3-Add in soup mix, stir well (at this point if it is to thick, add a tich of milk to thin it out.)
4- Refrigerate before serving
5- When ready to serve;Cut french bread in cube size pieces, for dipping

* This recipe can vary depending on the taste you wish to achieve. If you don't like the taste of mayo, add less of it, and add more sour cream. If you want; lessen the sour cream and add more mayo. It's up to you. And just remember you can use light mayo and sour cream for this recipe.
*This is also good served with crackers, or veggies. And if you have leftovers it's really great on baked potatoes

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Vomail said...

This spinach dip is looking great. Have never seen such a dish before. Will love to have it at my home function. Will share this with my caterers so that they can prepare it. Have also given some recipes to them from Nom App cooking videos.