Jun 15, 2008

Mom's Easy Score Cake

1 Box chocolate cake mix
1 Box chocolate pudding (not instant)
5 score candy bars
whipping cream/vanilla ice cream (optional)

1. Cook cake mix as directed on the box
2.Cook pudding on stove top as directed on the box
3.Place score candy bars in a freezer bag, and crush up w/ a rolling pin
4. When cake is finished, let it cool and cut it into large squares
5. Place cut up cake squares in a LARGE glass bowl, take a tooth pick and make holes in each square of cake
6.When pudding has finished cooking, and has thickened up, let it stand for about 2-3 min.
7. Poor 1/2 of warm pudding mixture over the cake
8. Top with half of your crushed score bars
9. Do one more layer of pudding, and another layer of candy bars.

*Serve WARM, in bowls and top with fresh whipping cream or vanilla ice cream! This is the EASIEST dessert, and soooo yummy! Thanks Mom!

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