Aug 18, 2008

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This is such a quick and easy meal, that I always keep the ingredients in the pantry just in case I'm in a pinch a need to make something quick for dinner. My kids especially love this, it's not spicy and they love the Frito's! It calls for chicken, but like I said, if I am in a hurry I just leave it out.

4 c. chicken broth (2 cans)
1/2 tsp. ground cumin
1/2 tsp. chili powder
1/2 tsp. dried oregano
*Combine the ingredients to a boil

1 small yellow onion
1 can each of black AND pinto beans (drained and rinsed)
1 can corn drained
1/2 c. salsa
2 cooked chicken breasts, shredded

1 bag Frito's
shredded cheese
sour cream

1-One you have brought the top 4 ingredients to a boil, turn in down to med. heat and add the remaining ingredients.
2-Once it has fully warmed on the stove, place a handful of Frito's in to the bottom of your bowl. Top with the "soup" mixture and then add cheese and sour cream
3- Enjoy!

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