Jun 4, 2008

Ice Ring

Ice rings are so fun to make because you can do so many different things with them. And they are super easy, and can "dress up" any punch bowl!

4 c. DISTILLED water, divided
Any food, item (s) you wish to add to your ice ring
cooking spray

You will need a ring mold to do this (Wal Mart) or if you have a bunt pan, that will work too.)

1-pour 1 c. of distilled water into your mold or pan. (I usually don't measure I just fill it a little less than half way)
2-now use whatever food item, or object you would like to use in your mold. Place it in the mold in a creative pattern.
3-Carefully place in the freezer and freeze till it's solid
4-Take out of freezer and add remaining water
5- Freeze again till solid

*After your ice ring is complete, to loosen it from the mold take it and place it in a pan of hot water, until it separates from the sides of the mold. Flip upside down and let it float in your punch bowl.

Cute idea: When adding items to your ring, think outside the box! Fruit is always pretty (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, mint leaves, cherries, green apple slices...) But if you are throwing a baby shower or bridal shower, look at the dollar store for some little plastic babies, or little wedding rings.... Anything will work really because most likely it will float after the ring has melted! This is something you could allow yourself to get really creative with! Have fun!

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