Jul 8, 2008


This is a great spin on margaritas, minus the alcohol. These drinks have never failed me at a party or luncheon. Everyone loves them, and always asks for seconds!

1 container (19oz.) of lemonade powder drink (Like powdered Tang, but lemonade)
2 lemons, sliced and split to fit on rim of glasses
lots of ice
kosher salt
goblet glasses

1-In a blender place 3/4 capful of lemonade powder, three handfuls (apx. 4 cups) of ice, and just enough water to fill the blender half way. You don't want to much or it will be runny!
2-Blend well, making sure that all ice is crushed completely
3- Pour 3 Tbsp. honey onto a paper plate or in a bowl. Spread out with a spoon.
4-Take your goblet glass, and dip the rim in the honey
5-Place kosher salt on a paper plate or in a bowl. About 1/2 cup.
6-After your glass rims have been covered in honey, dip them into the salt
7-Pour lemonade mixture into goblets, add your lemon slice to the rim. Enjoy!!!

*You always want to ensure that you have more ice than water in this mixture, because you do not want it to be runny. So don't be afraid to be liberal with the ice.
*You can also use this same recipe but using Tang. It is still pretty good. However the tartness of the lemonade, and the salt mix is DELICIOUS!!

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